Abinader et Collado inaugurent plusieurs œuvres à Miches

MITUR inaugurates works in Playa Esmeralda at a cost of more than RD$51 million

The President of the Republic Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated this Tuesday the pedestrian access road to Playa Costa Esmeralda, as well as the Temptation hotel in this municipality.

In the act headed by President Abinader, MITUR inaugurated the access road to the Costa Esmeralda Beach, as well as the construction of a detachment and parking lot, at a cost of RD$51,154,560.29.

The project of beautification of public spaces consists of the construction of an access to the Costa Esmeralda Beach of approximately 170 linear meters of intervention towards the area, as well as 250 linear meters of access road to the arrival plaza.

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader emphasized the importance of these small works for the visitors of this beach and for those who live there.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, said that works like these have a direct impact in benefit of the small and medium traders who operate there.

« We believe in tourism that has a direct and beneficial impact on the people, because tourism has a human face, » said Minister Collado.

The work carried out by the Executing Committee of Infrastructures of Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR), has a cafeteria, an area for the sale of handicrafts and restrooms.

It also has a POLITUR and Dominican Navy detachment to guarantee the security of national and foreign visitors, which has dormitories for its personnel (kitchen-dining room, terrace and bathrooms).

Among the works carried out is the beautification of the road with cobblestones, parking for 40 cars, 2 buses, landscaping, lighting and urban equipment.

Likewise, environmental care was taken into account by cordoning off and delimiting the area in order to protect the dune area and the nesting of the tinglar turtles.

After the inauguration of the access road to Playa Esmeralda, the President and Minister Collado led the inauguration of the Temptation Hotel. The hotel consists of 496 suites, generating 725 jobs.

The event was attended by the vice ministers of tourism; Gabriel Español, director of CEIZTUR of MITUR; Minoru Matsunaga, director of POLITUR, among other personalities of the tourism sector, municipal and provincial.

Costa Esmeralda Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, with its turquoise waters and gentle waves, surrounded by a large number of coconut trees.

Playa Esmeralda offers a pleasant and quiet stay; where it offers beautiful views and sounds of nature.

This area is located within the dune system of the coast, in addition, every March it becomes a nesting area for the tinglar turtles; which makes this area a preservation zone.

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