La RD est l’un des pays les plus heureux du monde, selon un rapport

Any reason is more than enough to make humanity feel optimistic and positive.

As today is the Happiest Day of the year, we inform you that, according to the report made by the United Nations, the World Happiness Ranking 2024, the Dominican Republic belongs to the list of the 156 happiest countries in the world.

The report mentions that Spain, United States, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentina and Austria, are also part of the happy countries.

To select these countries, the United Nations took into account six factors, which are: GDP levels, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and corruption.

The report details that these factors were compared with an imaginary country which was created to make the comparison and called Dystopia.

Analysts came to the conclusion that in if Dystopia lived the least happy people in the world, so the citizens of any other country with which it is compared would be happier.

About the Happiest Day of the year

On June 20, the Happiest Day of the Year is celebrated, this ephemeris is dyed yellow, to remember everything that makes human beings happy: a special person, the connection with nature, a song or a childhood memory.

Any reason is more than enough to make humanity feel optimistic and positive.

The experts assure that there are many reasons to celebrate this great day.

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