Samaná ouvre le premier circuit de tourisme durable

Within the framework of the Samaná Destination of the Future project, the first sustainable tourism circuit has been established in this demarcation, in a joint action with the Environmental Forum (FAS), various tour operators and local authorities.

The initiative began its conformation in 2021 as a way to articulate and make visible the efforts of more than 70 tourism companies that have assumed the principles of environmental sustainability, in favor of a more harmonious and balanced use of the country’s natural heritage.

This pilot project has the support of the German government, through the KATE Foundation, the TOURCERT tourism certification company and the Dominican Institute for Integral Development (IDDI), which support programs for small and medium-sized companies, and with which they work to raise awareness of sustainable gastronomy and the value chain, seeking to achieve changes in the awareness of tourism entrepreneurs in Samaná, their communities and local governments.

The technical team explained that these actions have resulted in achievements in water and energy savings, reduction of solid waste, elimination of single-use plastics, respect for closed seasons, regeneration of ecosystems and support for local producers, as well as environmental education, among others.

Through a press release, they added that the Samaná Sustainable Tourism Circuit is open to all companies in the area, public institutions and environmental organizations that wish to assume commitments for the preservation of the natural resources of this beautiful tourist destination.

As part of the actions to promote this alternative, the technical team of the project and the FAS have assumed the vision of sustainable development at the peninsular level, managing to promote an agenda of awareness with environmental issues, explaining to public and private institutions the importance of orderly and planned growth of the territory, as well as enhancing the economic impacts of the most promising sector of the national economy.


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