La RD prend la tête de la Coupe du monde de softball

Dans le deuxième match de la soirée, les Quisqueyanos ont battu l’Australie, championne du monde en titre et numéro 2 au classement WBSC-Softball, sur le score de 4-1.

The Dominican Republic won their doubleheader on Thursday the 13th, defeating defending champion Australia to post a 3-0 record in the first phase of the World Baseball Softball Championship for Men organized by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC).

The double win puts the Dominican Republic leading the standings, followed by Venezuela, 2-0; Mexico, 1-1; Australia, 1-2; Czech Republic, 0-2 as well as the Philippines, in the tournament taking place in Hermosillo/Mexico.

Yesterday’s game was once again dominated by the stellar Yan Carlos -El Pinto- Gonzalez from the mound and the ninth managed by German Taveras compiled an explosive offense to help in both victories.

In the first game, the ninth-ranked Quintana Roo team overwhelmed the Czech Republic national team, 13-4. El Pinto took the win, pitched 5.0 innings, allowed four hits, one run that was clean and struck out eight.
The loss went to Jakub Osička, who jumped off the mound after allowing nine hits, seven clean runs and striking out four.

In that game, the Creoles gave up 20 hits; led by Joel De la Mota, with a home run, double and a single, two and a tow; José Alejandro Reyes, a trio of singles and with two hits finished Wilson Robles Villafaña, home run and single; Juan A. Ramírez, Elías Valerio Ayala, Michell Grullón and Pablo Modesto Figueroa.

In the second game of the night for the Quisqueyanos, they beat Australia, current world champions and No. 2 in the WBSC-Softball Ranking, 4-1.

El Pinto (3-0), pitched all seven episodes to get the victory, allowed three hits, one run, conceded five transfers and struck out 10. Mathew Beckett took the loss, allowing the four Quisqueyano runs in the first two episodes, where he was hit by five unpunished runs and struck out three.

The Dominican offense was led by José Alejandro Reyes with three hits, scored and towed one; Michell Fco, Rodríguez, a home run, Juan Arias and Yoel Federico Mota, one hit each.

In other results yesterday, Mexico defeated the Czech Republic 7-0, Australia 5-4 against the Philippines and Venezuela 5-2 against Mexico.

On Friday 14, the Philippines and Mexico will face each other at the Fernando M. Ortiz Stadium; the Czech Republic vs. Venezuela at the Mundialista Hermosillenses Stadium; and Australia/Mexico at the Fernando M. Ortiz Stadium. The Dominican novena is not playing today.

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