Francisca se marie cette année en République dominicaine

The plan was to get married in a castle in Tuscany, Italy, but the pandemic changed the plans of Dominican communicator Francisca and her Italian husband Francesco Zampogna. However, the couple does not want to wait any longer for their religious wedding, which will take place this year in the Dominican Republic.

The « Despierta America » host told People en Español that for her husband and her family getting married in church is something important and what better place to do it than in the land where she was born.

« It is my land, it is very special, much of my family (will be) and it is much easier on my side to get married in the Dominican Republic, it is the land where I was born, where there are many people who love me and adore me. God (made) the place where I got married to be my land », said Francisca.

About the preparations for the union, the actress said that although she still does not have a wedding dress, she plans to have several changes on the day of the wedding, that’s why she is getting in shape physically.

She also hired the Dominican company Difiore, who will help her to make her dream day a fairy tale.

Francisca expressed that her mother Doña Divina is very excited about the wedding and wants to invite « the whole neighborhood »: « My mom is very happy and she is asking me who from the neighborhood I am going to invite », Francisca says with a big laugh. « I would love to invite the whole world or anyone who wants to. We are even arguing about it, but there are many things, space issues, I am already working on everything. She is happy.

Francisca and Francesco, who are the father of little Gennaro got married by civil ceremony in December 2019.

« The wedding we did was a very small wedding, with Francesco’s family, his siblings, my mom, a friend of mine and me. We made it small because that civil life was necessary for our wedding in Italy that would be in June 2020, but what everybody knows already happened, it was the pandemic and it ruined all the plans. That’s why I never shared the news, it was part of all the protocol to follow in our wedding in Italy to get married in church there », Francisca expressed.


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