Les jeunes de la campagne dominicaine commencent à bénéficier du soutien du projet « Campo Joven »

The Ministry of Youth (MJ) together with the Agricultural Bank began the delivery of RD 10 million pesos for young Dominicans within the « Campo Joven » project, a program that makes available RD 100 million pesos at a zero rate in an effort to promote, through the new generation, development opportunities in the agricultural sector of the country.

The Minister of Youth, Rafael Jesús Féliz García, and the administrator of Banco Agrícola, Fernando Durán, presented the official launch during a ceremony in the governor’s office of this province, accompanied by Ibelis del Carmen Almonte, provincial governor.

« We are pleased to launch this « Campo Joven » program, a strategic alliance with Banco Agrícola whose fundamental objective is to support young entrepreneurs who are betting on agro-industrial development, from young cattle ranchers, to those producers of coffee, vegetables, milk and those who need support to encourage the development of new dairy processors, » expressed Féliz García.

« Since our arrival at the Ministry of Youth last December 17, 2021, our vision was clear: to contribute to the vision of President Luis Abinader to continue building more and better opportunities for Dominican youth, » he added.

The heads of both government entities pledged to provide support to young people in the rural community with projects focused on agriculture, livestock and other areas related to agriculture. In addition, « Campo Joven » includes the application of technological innovation and modern techniques to the agricultural sector in the country.

Durán stressed the importance of the new generations prioritizing the development of agriculture and increasing food production.

« We see this inter-institutional agreement as an opportunity to continue fulfilling different objectives of Banco Agrícola, to continue promoting the agricultural industry, » said Durán.

The selection was made through the first call that was carried in the social networks of Youth last October. Interested young people will be able to apply to the « Campo Joven Financing Program » in a call that will be announced soon on social networks and official channels within the Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and First Job Policies of the Ministry of Youth.

The following received their checks of various amounts during the launching of « Campo Joven »: Dahiana Torres Tejada, Anyelo Peralta, Leonel Rodríguez Castillo, Anibel Popoter Báez and Anyelina del Carmen.

Opportunities for young people in the countryside and rural areas of the DR.

The « Campo Joven » funds will be used exclusively for agricultural, agro-industrial, agro-technological, agro-tourism and agricultural activities in general. With the implementation of this program, both institutions envision themselves as transformational entities in the lives of young Dominicans and the development and production of the country.

The purpose of the agreement is to achieve a generational change accompanied by technological innovations and modern techniques to be applied to the agricultural sector. In addition, this inter-institutional agreement is a commitment of wills between the Ministry of Youth and the Agricultural Bank for the execution of the « Campo Joven Financing Program » which is coordinated by Steven Baldera.

The launching ceremony was also attended by Antonio Marte, senator of Santiago Rodriguez; Felix Marte, mayor of Santiago Rodriguez, and representatives of the entities responsible for the agreement, special guests, and other personalities.

More about the agreement

In its first phase, the agreement establishes to benefit the province of Santiago Rodriguez to mitigate the lack of opportunities and make a social impact in the province. It is aimed at agricultural producers between the ages of 18 and 35 and includes, in addition to credit placement, technical assistance and project follow-up management.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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